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    On Mondays members from various groups meet up to have a social run and catch up on the various events from the weekend. These are run as either one large group, or split into a slower and quicker groups depending on what the members want on the night. There are plenty of opportunities to loop back and ensure that the group stays together and has a good time. These are usually run from the Halewood clubhouse at 6:15pm. Get in contact via Facebook, Twitter, or email for more information.


    With many of our members focusing on the half marathon and marathon distances, there are regularly long runs planned for Sunday mornings. These are organised by members within the club, and take place at various times through the day depending on who is on board. Once a member, you will be able to communicate with your clubmates in order to ensure that you do not miss these longer runs!


    On the last Thursday of each month all of our members that own a club vest are asked to wear it to training. All club members will run the first mile of the session in one group. This is a great way to promote the club and gives everyone from different groups a chance to talk to each other. After the first mile the club divides back into the set group structure.


      All of our groups are lead by experienced runners. Group 1 train with a highly experienced coach and are constantly reaching the next level in athletic performance. Groups 2-4 are coached by fellow runners, which allows the groups to explore new parts of the surrounding area and have effort sessions anywhere along the way.
      If you are interested in helping to lead any of the groups, please inform your current coach (or contact the club via email) and we will discuss the possibility of providing you with UKA coach training funded by the club.
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