Knowsley Harriers AC welcome athletes of all abilities, we have a mixture of competitive and non competitive members.

If you are thinking of joining us then please feel free to come along and train with us for a few weeks before before becoming a member, this way you will get the chance to sample what the clubs has to offer and make sure that becoming a member is something that you think is the right choice for you.

Running is a sport that many people take up because it is considered a cost effective way to keep fit, and so as a club we want to make sure that we ensure the sport remains cost effective for all of our members and that is why our membership is one of the cheapest around at only £15 per year for adults and £5 for juniors.


STANDARD – If your aim is to train purely to keep fit and have fun then standard membership is all you need, you will have access to all of the clubs training sessions and can still enter races etc and wear the club vest. £15 per year

EA REGISTERED MEMBER – If you enter a lot of races or wish to compete in UKA licensed events then registering with ENGLAND ATHLETICS could benefit you, you will receive a £2 discount on the entry of most events and so the difference in cost may actually pay for itself, you will also qualify for entry in to the clubs annual London Marathon ballot. £31 per year

JUNIOR – Junior membership is available to anyone aged 15 or under at the time of joining the club. £5 per year

The membership term is the 1st April – 31st March, however members joining in January, February, or March will get until the following April.


Most clubs charge “subs” which are a small fee for training sessions, again our approach is to make all sessions affordable to all and so the only sessions that we charge subs for are our track sessions purely to cover the cost of hiring the track, again these fees are kept as low as possible, our subs are as follows:

ADULT TRACK SESSIONS: £1 per session



GUESTS: Your welcome to come along for a week and try the club for free after that it is £1 per session purely because we would rather you joined

Apply and Pay Online

*The membership term is 1st April – 31st March, however members joining in January will get January/February/March for free!!!

**If joining January/February/March your UKA registration will not be actioned until April in accordance with the UKA registration year, if you require a UKA registration before this date please contact us, but you will be required to pay the UKA fee again in April.
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Knowsley Harriers Athletics Club
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